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Testing your teen should create a better relationship with them when done right.

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Family Pledge

Note: You are now reading the “Family Pledge” which is an integral part of what we teach.  We suggest you read this first so please continue reading!

The few that say drug testing is a violation of a teen’s rights should look around a little.  Just like an employer can be held responsible for employees actions, a parent can be held responsible for their teen’s actions.   All kinds of people have to take drug tests.  There are millions of adults, every year, who must take a drug test if they want

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Hampton Roads Resources

Hampton Roads Treatment Centers

Most of this information was compiled in 2009 but the majority should still be accurate.  Feel free to share any information with us that’s not up to date and we will make changes to our website.  Be as proactive as you can, take one day at a time and know you are not alone because there is help available.

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