Bath Salts

Young adults in the U.S. and other countries have died from using these products. While synthetic stimulants appear to affect users in ways similar to amphetamines and cocaine, reports concerning aggression, tachycardia, paranoia and suicide suggest that they may be more acutely toxic.

These synthetic stimulants are produced in clandestine labs and sold online or available at smoke shops. Promot­ed as “bath salts,” “research chemicals,” or “plant food,” product labeling attempts to circumvent regu­lation by suggesting they are not for human consump­tion. Additional forms of designer stimulants may be sold as “legal” MDMA (Legal X), or sold and veiled as MDMA tablets.

Product:  You will receive everything you need to send the urine sample to the lab without having to leave your home.  The prepaid 1st class shipping box, form, instructions and specimen cup are all included.  Once you have the sample it should takes 3 to 5 minutes to complete the process and about 6 business days to get the results via email or fax.

To order call 757-469-3921.  If no one answers, leave a message and we will get back to you shortly.

$79 each – Detects 3 Designer Stimulant (MDPV, Methylone & Mephedrone)

$99 each – Expanded Designer Stimulants (Detects 21 synthetic stimulants)


Detects many illicitly synthesized forms of stimulants sold online and in head shops nationwide.

Quantitatively identifies active ingredients of many “legal high” products labeled as “bath salt” and “plant food,” or sold as “Legal X” .

Presence of parent drug and/or metabolites in urine confirms ingestion; average detection window up to 24-72 hours.