Lab Testing

This Lab Test can be used in two ways.  First, to do a confirmation test (for one or two positives) on an instant drug test result.  Secondly, it can be used instead of a 5 panel instant test.

Most instant tests are around 98% accurate and lab testing is over 99.99% accurate.  Lab testing tests a sample twice if there is a positive result.  All positive results go to a Medical Review Officer (MRO) to rule out any false positives.  A MRO is a Doctor trained to know which prescription medications will cause a positive test result.  The MRO will call to get a list of valid prescriptions if the positive result could have been caused by a prescription.

Product:  You will receive everything you need to send the urine sample to the lab without having to leave your home.  The prepaid 1st class shipping box, form, instructions and specimen cup are all included.  Once you have the sample it should takes 3 to 5 minutes to complete the process and about 6 business days to get the results via email or fax.

To order call 757-469-3921.  If no one answers, leave a message and we will get back to you shortly.

$49 each

2 for $90

Note: We also sell Lab based testing in the “Synthetic Marijuana” , “Bath Salts” and “80 Hour Alcohol Test” tabs.